The Darkness of Aegean Sea is discovered by professional diving instructors. Training and diving service are given to people who start at first time, have a diving certificate and intend to take P.A.D.I. and C.M.A.S. certificate which can use in everywhere by providers.


Tour Program

* Participants are at 09.00 o’clock in diving center and after diving activity finishes, people are transferred again
* If a person will dive first time, diving activity is arranged only from coast or inshore
* After technical information’s are given by Diving Instructors; diving materials are explained. And diving starts


Prices /per person/:

* Adult – 35 €
* Child 0-12 – Not /Available

Price includes:

* Transport
* Sandwich
* Diving Equipment


Tips for this trip:

* Money
* Swimsuit
* Towels


Tour Map

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